Prayer Request

Shirley B. Post
May 2, 2014
I have three prayer requests:
1)I asking that prayer warriors of Full Counsel Metro Church stand with me in my belief in full restoration of health. I have been having major issues with my back and I am believing in total healing and health. 2) I pray and believe that my daughter, Morgan, who is a senior in high school will receive four specific scholarships to fully fund her 5-yr college education. 3) God give my son spiritual gifts of wisdom, maturity and knowledge to successful do the work of the Kingdom.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 20, 2014
Hi! I am a member of Fccf Pine Bluff location and have been having the desire for the past few years to enroll in our Bible College. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to come up with the necessary funds to attend and I am already in debt to FASA, ACS and OSLA due to having to pull out of school, yet again due to severe health issues my last enrollment. I came to the conclusion that it was time for me to stop running from my callings in the ministry. And I also feel that I need to face them head on by first, attending Bible College and further my education within the ministry. I am truly seeking to learn more about my roots grounded in our Father, His son Jesus and the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I am a women chasing after God's on house and ready to soak it all in with a little assistance. So, please touch and agree with my that in due time God will manifest His will for life in this area, as well as, all other areas of my life. God Bless and Thank you ahead of time for you prayers!!!
Love you guys!!!
kellie c. Post
September 4, 2013
asking for prayer: i am having a horrible time with getting in my work email accounts and tryign to work. My account is being hacked again and again. I trying to get itno my account. I have a home based business. Please send an email to this account and preach the gospel to the person who is controlling my account. thanks
Charles L. Post
June 8, 2013
please pray that I get delivered from poverty and lack I want and need to be delivered from spiritual poverty emotional poverty and financial poverty and sexual poverty and mental poverty and I need to be delivered from the same types of lack
my address is Charles L Larson Junior
225 Summer Dr.
Frank for IN 46041
Phone number 765-242-6086
John M. Post
June 8, 2013
MILITARY MEMBER!! I'm in the military and just applied for job as a squad leader at a military run youth camp that helps troubled teens. Pray that the job is mine in Jesus name, and that the Law of Accelerated Progress be applied in this request!! Amen, amen,amen! Johnny M
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